Stuffed, crescent-shaped flatbread, the filling varies and can include meat, pumpkin, greens or even camel meat. Sizes differ in different regions, but always best served with yoghurt and butter. 

Qutab (Azerbaijani Stuffed Flatbread)


Shakh Plov 

One of the best variations of Azeri plovs (rice dishes). Usually cooked for special guests and on holidays, it will the most eagerly awaited - and probably the best - part of your dinner. 

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Kufte Bozbash

A traditional Azeri soup made with heavenly smelling herbs, chickpeas and apple-sized meatballs. Serve with some pickles, lavash and onion, and you'll know what perfection is.


 grape leaves stuffed with chopped meat with greens and spices. Served with yoghurt mixed with garlic.


Kebabs come in dozens of varieties. They are made from whole sides of meat or pieces of meat or from mince. The difference between the kebabs lies in the marinades and sauces. Marinades are necessary not only to soften the texture of the meat, but also to make it spicier.

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Pakhlava and Shakarbura 

are Azerbaijani festive desserts traditionally made for Novruz (spring equinox). With walnuts, shafran, gulab (rose water), honey syrup and crunchy dough, they are irresistible!

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