Welcome to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan!

Nicknamed the City of Winds, Baku is awash in sunshine year-round. May and July will offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy the breeze and to bask in the warm sun.


Azerbaijan's terrain ranges from flat steppes to high mountains, which provides for a variety of climate types in different parts of the country. The capital Baku is located 28 meters (92ft) below the sea level and is likely to be pleasantly warm during your visit in early May and possibly quite hot in late July.


The currency used in Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani manat (AZN).

There are banknotes of 1 (grey), 5 (orange), 10 (blue), 20 (green), 50 (yellow), 100 (purple), and 200 (blue) manat. The 'gepik' coins exist only for fractions of one manat (1 manat = 100 gepik) and come in denominations of 50, 20, 10, as well as the less frequently used 5, 3, and 1 gepik. The current ratio of 1 Euro to 1 AZN is about 2:1. For latest currency exchange rates, please visit the website of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan: www.cbar.az/home


You can exchange Euros and U.S. Dollars to Manats at the airport or at one of the banks offering exchange services during normal business hours. The following banks operate 24/7:

Bank Respublika: 'Azneft' branch / Ofis24 Bakı c., Neftchilar ave. 67

Expressbank: 'Nasimi' branch (24/7) Bakı c. Bül-bül ave., 29 / Vidadi str. 189

To avoid paying high exchange commission, it is recommended that you use ATMs to withdraw cash in local currency. ATMs are widely available throughout the city centre, and also present in hotels and at the airport.


For the equivalent of 1 euro, which is roughly 2 manat, you can buy 4 plastic bottles of water, 2 loafs of fresh bread, or 1 kg of apples at a regular grocery

store. A meal for two at a modestly-priced restaurant is likely to cost about 50 manat or 25 euro.

A taxi ride anywhere within the city will cost up to 10 manat or 5 euro, while a ride from the Athletes Village (AVL) to the city centre may be charged a double of that, depending on the provider. Garage parking in the city centre costs 1 manat for every hour.



EYOF 'Baku 2019' participants have designated points of emergency contact. Nevertheless, the numbers to reach the local emergency services are:

101 – Fire Department

102 – Police

103 – Ambulance

The Ministry of Emergency Situations also lists a hotline that can be accessed by dialling 112: www.fhn.gov.az/?eng/menu/23


Public Transport (PT) Public Transport is the transport service for Spectators, Media, NTOs, Workforce and other accredited clients. Transport Client Systems will operate by using the Games Route Network and roads across the city, ensuring transportation to and from all competition, training and non-competitions venues.

Information support by AZERTAG.