Baku 2019 EYOF announces results of Team Sport Draw

Baku 2019 XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival hosted the Team Sport Draw, ahead of the start of the Festival on 21 July. 

XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival features three team sports - volleyball, basketball and handball. The composition of volleyball and basketball groups was determined based on the results of competitions in the respective age groups. Therefore, the drawing was held for handball competitions only. The Ceremony was held at the European Handball Federation in Vienna.
All three participating team tournaments will be held among eight teams. 

Group determination for the volleyball competition among boys has ended up as follows: Group A - Germany, Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan. Group B - Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium.
In the volleyball tournament among girls Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine are in Group A, while Italy, Turkey, Belarus and Germany will battle for the top spots in Group B.

In the basketball competitions among boys the national teams of Croatia, France, Serbia and Azerbaijan will compete in Group A, while the national teams of Spain, Turkey, Greece and Lithuania will vie in Group B. 
Group A in the basketball tournament among the girls was distributed among the teams of Italy, France, Russia and Belgium, while the Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary and Poland will compete in group B.

According to the results of the draw for the boys’ handball tournament Group A includes Denmark, Germany, Serbia and Azerbaijan; Group B - Iceland, Croatia, France and Slovenia. 
The draw for the girls’ handball tournament carried out as follows: Group A - France, Romania, the Netherlands and Spain; Group B - Hungary, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Azerbaijan.

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