New winners announced in Swimming

Winners and medalists announced few more categories in swimming at ‘Baku 2019’ Summer EYOF. 

In men’s 400 metres individual medley, Russian Ilya Borodin (Russia) won gold, while Hubert Kos (Hungary) and Jacub Bursa (Czech Republic) won silver and bronze medals, respectively.  

In women’s 100 metres backstroke, Italian Francesca Gaitani Erica won gold, followed by German Lusi Mosdsien and Russian Renata Gaynullina. 

In men’s 100 metres breaststroke, Ukrainian Rostislav Krijanivski won gold, followed by British Cameron Williams and French Brendan Fitzpatrick. 

In women’s 100 metres breaststroke, Russian Yevgeniya Cikunova won gold, while silver and bronze medals were awarded to French Justin Delmas and Irish Molly Mine, respectively.  

In men’s 200 metres freestyle, British Edward Mildred won gold, followed by David Popovic (Romania) and Bora Gulsen (Turkey. Note that Russian athletes Yevgeniya Cikunova and Ilya Borodin have already won medals at ‘Baku 2019’ earlier. 

Information support by AZERTAG.