Press Operations

The Press Operations team is responsible for the planning and delivery of all services and facilities for the media accredited to cover XV Summer European Youth Olympic Festival.

Media accreditation

Media professionals who meet the criteria must be affiliated to one or several news organizations, and their applications must be validated by their news organization.

There is no quotas for press to cover the Games for both local and foreign press.

Media accreditation was open from 1 April till 15 May 2019. For more information about accreditation please click here.

Media Hub
Media Hub (MH) – which will be located in the EOC family hotel (Boulevard Hotel Baku), will host Pre-Games and Games time Media briefings, press conferences. 

Please note that there will be a media centre and media conference room available to all accredited media. From the Media Hub you will be able to find Games information as well as collect the tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Media Hub will serve both international and local journalists and will be open from July 16 to July 28, 2019, from 09:00 till 20:00.

Press accommodation

The EYOF Baku Press Operations team will assist media by providing accommodation advice and general recommendations on hotels in Baku. Media representatives are free to arrange for their accommodation individually. Recommended hotels list is available here.

Media Transport

No assigned transport will be provided for Media representatives during the Games. Generally, venues are easily accessible by metro or other means of public transport. Furthermore, appropriate VAPPs for rented vehicles will be available upon the request.

Media Arrival/ Departure

Accredited international media should arrange their airport transfer service individually or via the hotel they booked. 

Press accreditation will allow access to the following areas within competition venues:

  • Media workroom within Venue Media Centers, where available

  • Press tribune

  • Mixed Zone (Interview Zone)

  • Photo positions (with photo bib only)

Venue Media Centers (VMCs)

Each competition venue will have a media help desk where our staff will be happy to assist you. VMCs will be available 1.5 hour before the start of the competition, until 1.5 hour after the end of the last session. VMC will only operate on days of competition. Press positions will be available at each venue for working press. To see media entrances and the Media Centre of each venue, please click here.

To get more detailed information about the Venues, please click here .

Press Tribunes

At each competition venue, separate tribunes or areas reserved for the press will be available for the media representatives. Seating at venues will operate on a first come, first served basis.

Interview Zone (Mixed Zone)

In all venues there will be a mixed zone through which all athletes will be asked to pass post-match, and media will be able to request interviews directly with them.

Photo Positions

At each competition venue, dedicated areas will be reserved for accredited press photographers, providing them with appropriate positions for their work. Photographers must in all cases wear the photographers’ bibs provided at the time of registration.

All media, including photographers and broadcasters are invited to attend Pre Games Media briefing on July 20 at Boulevard Hotel. After the briefing, photographers and broadcasters will be asked to sign undertaking and they will receive their bibs.

Undertaking and bib

All photographers and cameramen will be required to sign an Undertaking in which they agree to abide by the EYOF Baku 2019 Operation Committee’s rules for use of photographic images and videos.

Photographers and cameramen will sign the undertaking when they pick up their bibs after the Briefing on July 20; signing the undertaking is mandatory and no bib will be issued if the undertaking is not signed.

Multi’ bib - Recognizing that press are nowadays frequently multi-tasking at sports events, accredited press representatives will be able to request a temporary ‘Multi’ bib at a venue if they need to take photographs or take moving images in the Mixed Zone on an ad hoc basis. Provided Multi bibs must be returned at the end of daily operations.  

Photo Operations

Every effort will be made to secure the best possible photo positions in each venue. Details of each photo position will be available during the Games from venue photo team.

To see photo positions of each venue, please click "here".

For Medal Ceremonies there will be a restricted number of photographers allowed into photo positions. Where possible, photographers from the countries of the medalists will be allocated to these photo positions. Access to these photo positions will be determined by each venue’s photo team.

Filming (broadcasters)

Broadcasters  will only be allowed to bring equipment into the competition venues to film in the Mixed Zone. Bibs will be provided to camera operators only, after Media briefing on July 20.

Key dates




20 July 2019

Pre Games Media briefing


Boulevard Hotel

21 July 2019

Press Conference


Boulevard Hotel

22 July 2019

Athletes Village Media Tour


From Boulevard Hotel and back

27 July 2019

Press Conference


Boulevard Hotel

Media Briefing and Press conferences

All media, including photographers and broadcasters  are invited to attend Media briefing on July 20 and Press Conferences on July 21, 27 at Boulevard Hotel with participation of EYOF Baku 2019 Organization Committee and EOC executives. Detailed information about the briefing and conferences will be communicated in due time.

After briefing on July 20, photographers and broadcasters will be asked to sign undertaking and they will receive their bibs. 

Media Tours

There will be Athletes Village Media Tour on July 22, 2019. To request a seating at the tour, press are asked to send an inquiry to in advance. More details will be communicated in due course.

Should you have further questions, please contact Press Operations team at: