Competition Venues

Tofig Bahramov Stadium (TBS)


Named after the popular football referee, the Tofiq Bahramov Stadium was first built in 1951, before being extensively renovated and reopened in 2012. At Baku 2017, the venue hosted football competitions finals. At full capacity, the stadium can host nearly 30,000 spectators.

Built: 1951
Refurbished: 2012
Capacity: 29800
Baku 2015: Archery
Baku 2017: Football
Baku 2019: Athletics


National Gymnastics Arena (MGA)


The National Gymnastics Arena is located directly to the south of the Athletes Village. Construction of the arena was completed in February 2014 and opened in April 2014. The purpose built facility is home to the Azerbaijan Gymnastic Federation. The venue hosted the 30th European Gymnastics Championships in June 2014 and featured Gymnastics competitions at the Baku 2015 European Games and Baku 2017 Islamic Games.

Completed 2014
Capacity: 6500
Baku 2015: Gymnastics - Acrobatic; Artistic; Rhythmic
Baku 2017: Artistic & Rhythmic Gymnastics
Baku 2019: Artistic Gymnastics


Baku Sports Hall (BSH)


The Baku Sports Hall is an existing venue that received a permanent upgrade that was completed in 2015. Located close to the Baku Boulevard, this venue has a capacity of 1250 at Games time to enjoy Handball.

Built: 1980
Refurbished: 2015
Capacity: 1628
Baku 2015: Badminton, Table Tennis
Baku 2017: Karate, Taekwondo, Wushu
Baku 2019: Handball


Baku Tennis Academy (BTA)


The Baku Tennis Academy was built in 2009 and occupies an area of 2.7 hectares. This venue includes a main centre court with a retractable roof and 11 indoor and outdoor courts. The venue has hosted Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) events in the past.

Completed: 2011
Capacity: 3,000 (Centre Court)
Baku 2017: Tennis
Baku 2019: Tennis


Baku Aquatics Center (BAC)


The Baku Aquatic Centre was originally constructed for the Baku 2015 European Games and has become a popular and iconic sporting venue for Azerbaijan. Located near the National Flag Square, the venue will host Swimming discipline during EYOF Baku 2019.

Completed: 2015
Capacity: 6000
Baku 2015: Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming
Baku 2017: Swimming, Diving
Baku 2019: Swimming


Sarhadchi Arena (SAR)


The construction of the Sarhadchi Olympic Sports Centre started in 2007 and the venue was opened in August 2009. The venue is located in Khatai Disctrict of Baku and has hosted various different International level sporting events in the past.

Completed: 2009
Capacity: 2500
Baku 2017: Handball, Table Tennis
Baku 2019: Basketball


ABU Arena (ABU)


The construction of the Abu Arena was completed in 2003. The venue has hosted training sessions for Junior Olympic Handball Team. It has the capacity of 1000 to enjoy the Handball at Games Time.

Built: 2003
Capacity: 1000
Baku 2019: Handball

Darnagul Arena (DAR)


Darnagul Arena was built in 2012 and has been used as a training venue during Baku 2015 European Games and Baku 2017 Islamic Games for Volleyball. The venue is a home for Azerreyl Volleyball Club.

Built: 2012
Capacity: 1189
Baku 2015: Volleyball (training venue)
Baku 2017: Volleyball (training venue)
Baku 2019: Volleyball (competition venue)


European Azerbaijan School (EAS) (Badamdar)


European Azerbaijan School is operating in 2 campuses, one of which is in Badamdar and will host Basketball competition during EYOF Baku 2019. The building was built in 2014 and has a capacity of 100.

Built: 2014
Capacity: 100
Baku 2019: Basketball


MES Sport and Health Center (MES)


MES Sport and Health Center is a training facility for Ministry of Emergency Situations. The construction has been finalized in 2018. The venue has a capacity of 1950.

Built: 2018
Capacity: 1950
Baku 2019: Volleyball


Velopark and City Roads (VEL)


BMX Velopark was built for the Baku 2015 European Games with a total area of 30 hectares.

Built: 2015
Capacity: 0
Baku 2015: BMX
Baku 2019: Cycling




Heydar Aliyev Arena (HAA)


Heydar Aliyev Arena is the main exhibition space in Baku, which held about 40 international competitions of all kinds of sports since its opening in 1990. The venue has a capacity of 8000.

Built: 1989
Capacity: 8000
Baku 2015: Judo, Wrestling, Sambo
Baku 2017: Judo, Wrestling
Baku 2019: Judo, Wrestling